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French Door Roman Blinds

Posted On: 2013-05-07 22:08:45 ; Read: 3988 time(s)

by Mark Row

French Door Roman BlindsFrench Door Roman Blinds – a Perfect Fit for your Room

Having French doors in your room, means that your room will receive a great amount of light. Being illuminated by the natural light, your room will look very bright, and you wouldn't have to use the light for the better part of the day. However, if you want a little more privacy you should use Roman window blinds, because they are a perfect fit for your room. French door Roman blinds will bring that classier look to your room, instead of using curtains and making your home look like you are living in a cottage. This way your room will have the looks, and because of their adjustable length, you can control the amount of light you want to let in.

Roman blinds do not often come tailored made for your French doors, but you can easily make them yourself.

If you want to do this follow these simple steps and save your money.

You should first measure the size of your French doors (width and length) and add additional 2.5 cm to the measured width and 5 cm to the measured length. If your fabric blinds somehow got wrinkled in the transport, use the iron to correct the wrinkles and then cut the fabrics to your needed measurements.

Now measure the Velcro strips for each of the hanging kits. Once you place remove the back side of the adhesive tape connect them with the hanging kits and attach them to the windows using the screws. 

Roman blinds UK

Then fold those additional centimeters under the fabric (2.5 cm to the sides and 5cm on the top and bottom) and secure the fabric with pins along the edges. Once the fabric is secured, sew the edges with a sewing machine and remove the pins. You are on the half way of making your French door Romans.

After that turn the fabric to the other side and use the pen or a marker to measure the three even parts across the fabric. These lines will be the markers for the rings.

Fabric blinds

Now use your hands to sew the rings at the highlighted location. After you have sawn the rings, you should thread the pull string through the rings and tie the string into the knot at the end of the each horizontal line. Add a wooden rod to the bottom of the shade and place another Velcro strip this side of the shade. Make sure that you have pressed them firmly at the top of the hanging kit and that’s it.

 Choosing the right pattern for your French door Roman blinds

Depending of the specific room in which you have French doors you should choose the right pattern. You don’t want your Roman blinds to stand out from the other elements in your room. Match the blinds with your interior. If your room has handcrafted model ships on top of your cabinets, another way to connect yourself with the ocean would be Adriatic Navy blinds. You can also find the perfect pattern for you little girls, and in my opinion that would be Darcy Pink. You can find many types of patterns which would go perfectly with your room.

Pavillion Peach               Adele Yellow               Peruvian Jet

If you have any questions regarding French Door Roman blinds, feel free to ask.


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