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Installing Roller Blinds: Quick and Easy DIY Blind Project

Posted On: 2013-01-20 14:51:17 ; Read: 1361 time(s)

by Mark Row

Instructions for installing the chain handled Roller Blinds

Installing Roller Blinds – Quick and Easy DIY Blind Project!Roller window blinds are one of the most chosen window coverings because of their easy operating system, interesting choice of colours and patterns, and privacy and light controlling performances. The materials used for making roller window treatment are various kinds of fabrics, which can be single colour or multicoloured with amazing patterns. They can be lifted or lowered by pulling the chain mechanism, or if you are dealing with a chainless one, it can be moved by pulling the bottom part down which releases the string mechanism inside the window blind’s roll. The blind can be moved and once you reach the desired level pull it back once more to lock it in that place. Another option is a motorized window blind regulated by a remote controller, which can be quite handy for those windows that cannot be accessed easily but also more expensive.

DIY Blinds guide

Installing roller blinds can be done by a professional or you can do it yourself. What you need to do first (provided that you have chosen the second option) is to read the blinds manufacturer’s manual and study it in detail. Then you need to take proper measurements of your windows and window frames (again, consult the manual first because it provides you with the best tips) and decide where to attach the roller blinds. Inside mount means fitting window blinds into the window frame, provided that the windows are made of wood and you can easily drill the holes in it. Outside mount means attaching your DIY blinds directly on the wall in which case you can choose a wider one in order to cover the whole surface of your window. Before you install the blinds make sure there are not any obstacles on the way, that is, there is nothing interfering with their normal functioning. Next, you need to determine whether you want the blinds to unroll from the front or the back. The difference is in the way the material covers the window surface - the closer the material the better insulation and light control.

Now that you have made all the decisions, you are ready to move on to actually installing your DIY blinds. You will need a drill to make holes for the blinds’ brackets either on the window frame or the wall. There should be two brackets, one for the chain regulating part and the other for the opposite idle side. The chain regulating side usually has a rectangular, hexagonal or cross-like slot, and the idle side is usually with a circular slot.  Fit the idle side pin or spring plunger into the bracket and position the brackets to the parts of your wall or window where you need to make holes. Mark the holes with a pencil and drill them where you need your blinds’ brackets to be placed. Screw the brackets and take your made to measure roller blind and attach it to the brackets.

Your DIY blinds are now installed and ready to be used!

Made To Measure Cornwall Roller Blind
Made To Measure Cornwall Roller Blind

For more detailed instructions see Roller Blinds Measuring and Fitting Guide.

If you have more thoughts on our Made to Measure Roller Blinds just post them in the comments section below.


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